• 50-300 for Sony Mirrorless (Model A069)
  • 28-75 G2 for Sony Mirrorless (Model A063)
  • 70-180mm G2 (Model A065)
  • 17-50mm for Sony Mirrorless (Model A068)
  • 35-150mm for Sony & Nikon Z Mirrorless(Model A058)
  • 28-200 for Sony Mirrorless (Model A071)
  • 150-500 for Sony & Fujifilm Mirrorless (Model A057)

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At Tamron, we got our start 70 years ago, and have endeavored to establish ourselves as the world’s premier high-end camera lens manufacturer every day since.

From our humble roots manufacturing optical equipment in the 1950s to the establishment of our US Headquarters in 1979 and beyond, we have never lost sight of an essential goal: to constantly innovate with technology designed to meet our customers’ specific needs.

We believe that providing superior products at a fair price is the vital recipe for success, and so far, we have only been proven right. By combining deft skill with customer satisfaction, Tamron has sustained decades of triumph.

Our early expertise in the world of optics expanded over time, eventually blossoming into a pursuit of technological advancement at the helm of the camera lens manufacturing industry. As we continue to expand optics for new generations of camera formats, our commitment to quality never fades.

Today, we’re proud to offer top of the line products to photography enthusiasts of all skill levels through our robust network of retailers, both online and in person. We don’t just create high-quality equipment—we work hard to put it in the hands of everyone who takes an interest in creating striking photos.

Our devotion to quality extends far beyond the sale as well. Each of our products distributed in the US comes with a 6-year limited warranty, as well as access to firmware updates and speedy repairs with our industry-leading 3-Business Day Repair Turnaround at no additional charge. This helps us ensure that our customer service is as unrivaled as our products.

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More Products

Among our most lauded products are our mirrorless lenses, such as the Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 Di III VXD G2 designed for Sony E-Mount cameras. And our award-winning DSLR lenses are perfectly compatible with mirrorless cameras when using the manufacturer adapter.

Images produced from these Tamron lenses are both dazzling with beautifully blurred backgrounds at once; their ability to create high-quality photos despite their compact nature makes mirrorless lenses perfect for a wide range of lightweight shooting situations, as well as for beginners.

As with every Tamron product, our mirrorless lenses are incredibly easy to use for seasoned shooters and amateur photographers alike, but they’re far from our only acclaimed items.

If a photographer prefers DSLR lenses, we are more than able to oblige with some of the industry’s most preeminent items. In fact, our Tamron 18-400mm is the world’s only 22.2x lens, offering a level of telephoto performance and wide to tele range not previously possible in just one lens.

We have a DSLR lens for Canon to Nikon and these same lenses fit mirrorless cameras when used with the manufacturer adapter. And all are certain to produce images more dynamic than previously dreamed possible. Professional nature photographers and casual family photo documenters alike can benefit from such outstanding clarity and ease.

Regardless of an enthusiast’s or pro’s specific shooting requirements, there’s a variety of Tamron lenses to fit their needs, and they won’t be hard to come by. Our vast network of dealers ensures that our products are accessible to every photographer. Search to find an authorized Tamron dealer for a local provider, and get to shooting the highest quality photos possible.