Local and National Events

Date Description Location
JUNE 2024
6/13-15 Father's Day Sale

Los Angeles, CA

Samy's Camera

6/13-15 Cash 4 Cameras

San Diego, CA

George's Camera


Tamron Day

In store specials on select Tamron lenses

10:00am seminar: Travel and Storytelling Seminar with Erica Robinson

Travel and storytelling go hand in hand. Join Erica for this informative seminar on how to show stories within your travel photographs. Erica will discuss how to build a photograph with your composition, best equipment for travel and understanding locations. The fun continues with Erica leading a photowalk thru downtown Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids, MI

Norman Camera


6/15 Multi Vendor Event

Arlington VA

District Camera


Close up (Gardens and flowers): Armando Flores

Join Tamron tech rep Armando Flores to explore the world of miniature. In this webinar, you will learn about the necessary tools and techniques to get closer to your subject. Armando will cover topics such as exposure, white balance, lighting, and composition, as well as lens selection and other related topics. This informative session will provide you with valuable insights on using the right tools for macro photography.


Hosted by PROCAM


Wed, 6/19 from 4pm-6pm: Meet & greet with Alex Cearns

Thurs, 6/20 at 6:15pm

Go Wild! Seven Factors for Remarkable Animal Portraits with Alex Cearns

Join leading Australian animal photographer and Tamron Ambassador Alex Cearns OAM of Houndstooth Studio for an informative and colorful look at how she not only survives but thrives, globally in her niche animal photography market. She will share her inspiring journey as an image maker, which saw her leave behind a 19-year career in audit, compliance, and enforcement roles with the Australian Government, to pursue her love of animal photography.

Anchorage, AK

Stewart's Photo Shop

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6/21-23 Tamron Tech Sessions

Idaho Falls, ID

Perfect Light Camera


Explosions of Light: Mastering Fireworks Photography with Tamron

Get prepared for the 4th of July by joining us for an unforgettable journey into the world of fireworks photography! In this class taught by our Tamron rep, you'll learn how to capture the magic and brilliance of fireworks displays like a pro!

San Antonio, TX

The Camera Exchange

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11am-12:30pm CDT



Historical Philadelphia Photowalk

Join Tamron's Armando Flores at Unique Photo Philly for a seminar and then embark on a photowalk! This event is designed for all levels of photographers who want to learn more about taking photos of street scenes, cityscapes, and historical buildings. It's a fun way to hone in on your skills, as well as spend time with fellow photographers. Topics include understanding light, point of view, composition, and experimenting with your lens choices.

Philadelphia, PA

Unique Photo

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6/24-26 Tamron Tech Sessions

W Yellowstone, MT

Yellowstone Camera


Photo Meetup and Demo Sessions

Tamron Demo Day from 11am-4pm: Patty from Tamron will have lenses to try out

Photo Meetup from 6:30pm-8:30pm: Come hang out with us at Domaine Pterion, meet up with other local photographers, have a little wine, and polish up your portrait skills with a model and some photographic lighting at a beautiful location.

Allentown, PA

Dan's Camera City

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JULY 2024
7/11-13 Régates De Valleyfield

Valleyfield, QC, Canada

Photo Pierre

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Travel Photography: Erica Robinson

Travel and storytelling go hand in hand. Join Erica for this informative webinar on how to show stories within your travel photographs. Erica will discuss how to build a photograph with your composition, best equipment fortravel and understanding locations.


Hosted by PROCAM


Team Up with Tamron at the New Jersey Botanical Garden

Welcome to the two part Team Up with Tamron Photo Meet Up hosted by Bergen County Camera! This event is designed for all levels of photographers who want to learn more about taking photos of flowers, gardens, and at this meet-up, a historic botanical garden. This photo meet-up is also a fun way to hone in on your skills as well as spend time with fellow photographers!

Seminar: Tuesday, July 30th, 6-7pm at BCC
Meetup: Wednesday, July 31st, 10am-1pm at the NJBG

Westwood, NJ

Bergen County Camera

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Photography Workshop in Bisti/De-Na-Zin

Join Erica and Armando from Tamron Americas, alongside guide Kialo Winters of Navajo Tours USA, on an amazing photography workshop in the Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness. Located in the San Juan Basin in northwest New Mexico, the Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness is home to incredible rock formations made of sandstone, coal, shale, and silt. Through weathering, the rock landscape became sculpted into the beautiful formations we seek out to photograph. During this workshop we will be guided through remote locations of the Bisti Badlands to photograph highlights such as the Valley of Dreams, the Giant Mushroom, the Egg Hatchery, and more, during sunsets, blue hours, sunrises, and dark night skies.

Farmington, NM

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Group size: 1-10


8/7-11 Southeast Arizona Birding Festival

Tucson, AZ

DoubleTree by Hilton

Hunt's Photo

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Birding and wildlife Photography: Ken Hubbard

Join Ken Hubbard as he presents this informative and fun webinar on capturing great nature & wildlife images! Whether you enjoy photographing small bugs and butterflies, larger mammals such as whales, or even birds in flight -- this seminar is for you. Ken will go over the many techniques that will help you capture the images you want in addition to camera settings, composition, and looking for that good light.


Hosted by PROCAM


Photography Workshop in Alaska

Join Tamron Photographers Erica Robinson and Ken Hubbard along with Tamron Ambassador, Lisa Langell, on this small-group photography workshop to the truly magical Kenai Peninsula of Alaska! This unique region is often called "Alaska in Miniature" because virtually every Alaskan wildlife habitat type except the Arctic tundra is represented here. This tour will provide any nature-loving individual with an experience of a lifetime! The crowd-free atmosphere gives you the peace, flexibility, mental and physical space to photograph Alaska from your own unique point of view. In addition, your caring leaders are experienced and skilled photographers who will help provide advice, instruction and guidance that enables you to create incredible images of Alaska. This truly is a world-class experience."


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Group size: 5-6



Sports: Armando Flores

Join Tamron's technical representative, Armando Flores, for an introduction to sports and action photography. In this webinar, you will learn about the optimal shutter speeds to use to achieve the desired effect. Armando will cover topics such as composition, exposure, and camera configurations, as well as which lenses are best suited for sports photography. This informative session will teach you how to capture those action shots that you may have previously missed.


Hosted by PROCAM


PhotoCon XI 2024

Our PhotoCon 2024 is in its eleventh year, PhotoConXI, and is the largest photography and imaging show in the region. The show will offer the ultimate experience in photography and digital imaging. Explore tons of different vendors and manufacturers all in one place. See an inspiring array of products and services. Discover and learn some cutting-edge innovations in digital imaging, gear, and techniques from industry experts.

Oklahoma City, OK

Hosted by Bedford Camera

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Death Valley National Park

Join Erica and Ken from Tamron Americas, on an amazing photography workshop in Death Valley National Park. Located 2 hours outside of Harry Reid International Airport (LAS), Death Valley National Park is known as the hottest, driest, and lowest National Park in the US. This workshop will be focused on photographing sunrises, sunsets, and night skies at some of Death Valleys most iconic locations such as Badwater Basin, the Sand Dunes, Zabriskie Point, and Devils Golf Course. See the itinerary pages for further details. We stress here how important it is to be respectful of the land we will be visiting. We will tread with safety, and practice "leave no trace".

Death Valley, CA

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Group size: 1-10



Grand Teton National Park

Join us for 4 days of photographing Winter Landscapes and Wildlife in and around Grand Teton National Park. We will photograph many iconic landscapes of the Tetons in the peak of winter. The wildlife should be abundant this time of year. In years past we have had moose right outside our cabins at the ranch! We've also had the opportunity to photograph coyotes, foxes, elk, bison, deer, etc. The landscape totally covered in snow is a sight to behold. We will discuss all things photography including composition, post-processing, and exposure for winter conditions.

Moose, WY

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Group size: 1-10



Tanzania Photography Workshop

Join Tamron professional photographers, Erica Robinson and Ken Hubbard, led by the experienced guides of Sababu Safaris, on a once-in-a-lifetime photographic journey to Tanzania. Here, you will be surrounded by incredible scenery, wonderful people, and an abundance of wildlife. Our travels will begin in the city of Arusha, then take us through Tarangire National Park, the Southern Serengeti Ndutu Plains for the great wildebeest migration, the Ngorongoro Crater, and end in West Kilimanjaro. Along the way we will stop to visit with local tribes, participate in a sunrise hunt with the Hadzabe bushmen, distribute solar lights with the Datoga, and spend a full day with the Maasai. This is an experience not to be missed, photographically and educationally. See full itinerary for details.


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Group size: 5-9