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Whether a photographer is in search of a superior mirrorless lens or one of our industry-first DSLR lenses, there’s no question that Tamron is the premier destination for optics equipment, but we’re also a hotspot for photography information. Tamron Magazine is the perfect place to stay current on industry updates and inspiration from the pros, and our featured content page is loaded with helpful tidbits.

From photos tours and workshops across the country to tips from seasoned photography pros, you’ll find all sorts of handy tricks from Tamron insiders sprinkled throughout this page, so make sure you take the time to check back frequently.

With so many illustrious clients on the Tamron Photographer List, it’s no surprise that our Tamron Ambassadors create some of the most breathtaking photographic art in the world with our lenses, and we’re proud to be able to share it here with our followers.

If you want to try out our top-of-the-line products for yourself or continue honing your craft with a new lens, reach out to one of our Authorized Tamron Dealers in your area.