Get to Know Tamron Tech Team ’s Photographic Passions

Tamron’s Technical Team Members are not only the most knowledgeable people out there when it comes to Tamron lenses and lens technology, they are also excellent photographers who spend a good part of their time honing their craft by creating thousands of images every year. The Tamron Tech Team Members bring their understanding of photography, real world experience and a deep passion for all things photography to every seminar. Register at and be sure to check out to see where else the team members are headed this year.

Jeff Allen JEFF ALLEN (Technical Representative) is a member of Tamron's technical team. He travels the country extensively helping people to choose equipment that's right for them and speaks with novice and photo enthusiasts on how to improve their photographic capabilities.

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eBooks: Nighttime Photography,

Jillian Bell JILLIAN BELL (Technical Representative) is a member of Tamron's Technical Team. Tastefully merging form and artistic flare, her emphasis always lies in the subtle details. Jillian travels the country educating consumers on choosing the right equipment for varying needs. Photography is a useful tool, and her goal is to inspire others and help them to build on their photographic skills to create better, more consistent results.

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Andre Costantini ANDRÉ COSTANTINI (Creative Consultant) is a photographer, filmmaker and educator. Andre's approach to photography and teaching is enjoyable, engaging and informative. He has taught photography seminars throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean and has written articles for Studio Photography and Design and Shutterbug. Clients include American Repertory Theatre, Discovery Channel, Criterion Collection, and Tamron USA.

eBooks: Natural Light Portrait,
Photography with Prime Lenses

Damion Fearron DAMION FEARRON (Technical Representative) has always been an avid admirer of the visual arts. His photography has been published in both solo and collaborative projects. For him, photography is an avenue where you can not only tell a story, but you can also stir up intense emotions in the viewer. His combined real-world experience and extensive product knowledge will help inspire others to expand their interest in photography.

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Armando Flores ARMANDO FLORES (Technical Representative) interest in photography started back in high school, when his sister and him put their money together to purchase a 35mm film camera. He studied photojournalism in college and worked at a camera store to support his photo habit. He worked for a major camera manufacturer, where he honed his photography skills over the next 22 years. Photography enabled him to travel to many foreign lands to attend large media events where he met many interesting people. He photographed professional sport for over 17 years and loved being at the forefront of new technology. His passion has always been in lending a hand to the aspiring photographer.

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ebook: In and Around Your Neighborhood

Ken Hubbard KEN HUBBARD (Field Services Manager) has had nationwide gallery showings of his portrait and landscape photography and teaches enthusiasts how to take better photos at workshops across the country. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States and the result is a consistent output of breathtaking photographs that continually challenge the boundaries of the genre. Ken is the Field Services Manager for Tamron, responsible for Tamron’s popular consumer workshop series.

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eBooks: Travel & Landscape Photography,
Road Trip

Jared Powers JARED POWERS (Technical Representative) gained a solid background in documentary photography while studying in Melbourne, Australia before going on to photograph musicians around the globe. Before moving to New York, he was the Chief Photographer for a major cruise line handling Pacific and Caribbean routes. Upon landing in the Big Apple, he began managing photographic retail operations and training photographers for high profile clients such as the NY Yankees, NY Mets, U.S. Open and Rockefeller Center venues. When not out training on new Tamron lenses, you can find him most likely in some hidden corner of a city, deserted road or disused industrial complex documenting life’s oddities.

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Erica Robinson ERICA ROBINSON (Technical Representative) has always had a strong passion for both photography and travel, but once merging the two together is where she found her true passion. After studying photography in college her first adventure was working as a photographer for a cruise line out on the ships. Trying to pursue a different genre she then worked with talented Boston wedding photographers while learning the technical side working for a local camera store. Photography is an incredible tool that allows us to stop a moment and relive it every time we look at that image. She genuinely enjoys teaching others how to capture that moment in the way it makes them feel, to relive it over and over again. Instagram | @TamronTechErica
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Janet Vuong JANET VUONG (Technical Representative) is the newest member of Tamron’s Technical Team, but she is no stranger to the photographic industry. Having worked professionally in it for nearly a decade, Janet truly enjoys educating both the consumer and dealer on photography and product capabilities. At an early age, Janet picked up her family’s camera, began shooting, and quickly discovered her natural talent for composition - photography became her hobby ever since. She opted to further her passion for photography in a black-and-white course from the Herron School of Art & Design while studying video production at Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis (IUPUI). Facebook | @TamronLensesUSA
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