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Tamron Product Lineup - Wide-Angle Zooms

Di Series
  • DiFor all SLR cameras
  • DiⅡFor APS-C format digital SLR cameras
  • DiⅢFor mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras
Lens Categories
  • Wideangle Zooms

Tamron Wide-Angle Camera Lenses

Wide-angle camera lenses are ideal for capturing sweeping and scenic landscapes, but a wide-angle camera lens from Tamron will open up so many more possibilities for photographic expression. Our lenses are designed to offer unmatched versatility, excelling in not only what wide-angle lenses are traditionally used for but in many other shooting situations as well.

At Tamron, you can find a range of wide-angle camera lenses for cameras made by top manufacturers like Sony and Fujifilm. These lenses feature unique focal lengths that enable them to be so versatile, allowing you to capture a range of views in stunning detail. Wide-angle lenses are a staple in many camera bags, and we guarantee that ours will always offer a consistent, comfortable, and capable shooting experience.

A wide-angle camera lens offers a much larger and more expansive field of view than the human eye, making them perfect for photographing incredible and awe-inspiring natural landscapes. These lenses allow photographers to squeeze as much into the frame as possible, ending up with an eye-popping image that transports viewers directly into the scene. Tamron’s wide-angle camera lenses can also be used to capture amazing shots of cityscapes from afar, wedding ceremonies, stadiums, concerts, and much more. Additionally, the combination of the close focusing ability and the generous viewing angle these lenses offer will enable you to get up close and personal with a subject and let the background fade away to create a unique distorted perspective that is very compelling.

Our wide-angle lenses provide such high performance and enhance the shooting experience thanks to the impressive proprietary technology we pack into each. This includes several low dispersion elements for eliminating chromatic aberrations, a fast and precise AF system with a silent drive, and much more.

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1. What camera systems are Tamron wide-angle lenses compatible with?
They're designed for mirrorless camera systems, including specific models for Sony E-mount and Fujifilm X-mount.

2. What are the focal lengths of Tamron wide-angle lenses?
Ultra-wide focal lengths, like 11-20mm for APS-C mirrorless cameras, and full-frame lenses such as 17-28mm, 17-50mm and 20-40mm, tailored for landscapes, architecture, and interior spaces.

3. Do Tamron wide-angle lenses offer weather resistance?
Yes, several models feature weather-resistant construction, ensuring durability in challenging conditions.