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Product Lineup - Tap-In Console & Teleconverters

Enthusiast photographers and veteran professionals alike know that new equipment can materially transform the experience of shooting, as well as the quality of the images. While Tamron is well-known within the photography community as a camera lens manufacturer, we do more than create incredible DSLR and mirrorless lenses—we also furnish a number of accessories that make this craft easier, more enjoyable, and more rewarding.

One of the most useful accessories Tamron offers are our Teleconverters. We offer two models, each designed to specifically accommodate Tamron lenses and enhance their focal length by either 1.4 or 2 times (depending on which model is attached). Both Teleconverter models are carefully crafted to preserve the integrity of the image quality, so shooters can enjoy greater magnification with the same pristine crispness they have come to expect from Tamron lenses.

Another accessory that enhances the functionality of our lenses, the Tamron TAP-in console, allows photographers to update the firmware and customize the settings of select Tamron DSLR Lenses from their personal computers. This ensures that our lenses maintain their same level of impeccable performance indefinitely, while also guaranteeing that they will fully meet the needs of the individual photographer. Elements like focus and vibration compensation can be customized on a photographer’s computer ahead of time so they don’t have to address these settings at all during a shoot.

We may create tangentially related accessories, but manufacturing camera lenses will ultimately always be what Tamron does best.

Whenever it comes time to buy new Tamron lenses, the only reputable way to go about making the purchase is to patronize an authorized Tamron dealer—find a dealer today.

Teleconverters Our older teleconverters (models AF14PC700, AF14PN700, AF20N700, AF20PC700 & AF20PN700) were NOT designed for use with Digital SLR’S, THEREFORE, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE full communication. You may experience image quality or auto focus issues. In some cases, they may only work manually.