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Product Lineup - Standard Zooms

Di Series
  • DiFor all SLR cameras
  • DiⅢFor mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras
Lens Categories
  • Standard Zoom Lens

Tamron Standard Zoom Lenses for Mirrorless and DSLR cameras

Standard zoom lenses are one of the most essential pieces of photography equipment and have been for a long time. No matter what genre or style of photography or video you shoot, chances are you’ll always want to have a standard zoom lens in your bag. These lenses come with a range of focal lengths that allow you to shoot subjects at a variety of distances – all without moving your feet. Great zoom lenses will provide a natural perspective across this range, so images don’t come out too wide or long, making them very versatile.

While these are all standard zoom lenses, there certainly isn’t anything “standard” about the optical performance of Tamron zoom camera lenses. They will provide exceptional clarity, definition, and sharpness across their zoom ranges and will help you capture your subjects and the world in impressive detail.

In addition to their amazing optical performance, Tamron standard zoom lenses also feature unique focal lengths that you likely won’t see from other manufacturers. This includes 17-70mm, 20-40mm, 28-75mm, and 35-150mm. Every one of these standard zoom lenses is packed with exclusive and proprietary technology that will elevate your shooting experiences. This includes superior VC (vibration compensation) to better stabilize images, LD (low dispersion) lens elements for subduing aberrations, BBAR-G2 (Broad-Band Anti-Reflection Generation 2) coating that reduces ghosting and flair, and a whole lot more found in many of the Tamron zooms.

With how versatile standard zoom lenses are, we know you’ll likely be taking them with you pretty much all the time, especially while traveling. That’s why we’ve strived to make our standard zoom lenses as portable as possible! Tamron zoom lenses have industry-leading compact and lightweight designs that are easy to carry and won’t turn extended handheld shooting sessions into a workout.

Explore our selection of standard zoom lenses for top brands for mirrorless and DSLR systems like Sony, Fujifilm, Canon, and Nikon today!