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Product Lineup - Prime Lenses

Di Series
  • DiFor all SLR cameras
  • DiⅡFor APS-C format digital SLR cameras
  • DiⅢFor mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras
Lens Categories
  • Prime Lenses

Although they may take a little more skill to use effectively, prime lenses can create incomparable images that reflect a photographer’s artistic sensibilities.

As a leading manufacturer of prime lenses for Sony, Nikon, and Canon mounts, Tamron offers a varied lineup of these products, like the Tamron SP 35mm F/1.4 Model F045 and Tamron 35mm F/2.8 Model F053.

The Tamron Model F045 is designed for those who prefer the performance of DSLR lenses. It’s ultra-sharp at the point of focus and features a smooth bokeh, exemplifying all the best qualities you’d look for in a prime lens. It also has a high-speed focus, and several other features that guarantee every shot is a stunning image.

The Tamron Model F053 lets photographers get up close to their subjects without losing any content. As a wide-angle fixed focal lens, it allows for highly detailed subjects and blurred backgrounds. This lens, and Models F051 (24mm) and F050 (20mm), all provide 1:2 macro for excellent close-up shooting.

Tamron Prime Lenses

Prime camera lenses have fixed focal lengths, making them smaller and lighter than standard zoom lens. Tamron prime lenses also have faster shutter speeds thanks to their wide apertures and offer superior sharpness, leading to exceptional image quality. The sharpness achieved with fixed focal length camera lenses like these is unmatched, and while they may have a fixed focal length, prime lenses can be surprisingly versatile.

A fixed focal length camera lens from Tamron benefits photographers in a variety of ways. First, the large apertures let more light in, helping photographers freeze a subject in action to capture them in motion – even in low light conditions. This also makes the viewfinder much brighter, making it much easier for photographers to confirm the focus and sharpness of their images. Additionally, prime lenses are well-known for their beautiful bokeh effects, which makes them an especially good choice for portrait photography. Overall, prime camera lenses are more compact and less complicated than standard zoom lenses and typically produce sharper images.


Tamron prime camera lenses are created to be compatible with cameras from the best brands like Sony, Nikon, and Canon. These lenses are created for full-frame DSLR cameras and mirrorless cameras. The Di (Digitally Integrated) designation for each fixed focal length camera lens tells you which type of camera it has been made for. Before making a purchase, please ensure that you have selected the right lens for your mount.

• Di is for full-frame DSLR cameras
• Di III is for mirrorless cameras

Tamron Lens Technology

Prime camera lenses already offer stellar sharpness and the ability to freeze a subject in action, and the variety of exclusive lens technology in each makes Tamron primes better than any other you’ve used before. This includes our proprietary BBAR (Broad-Band Anti-Reflection) Coating that reduces ghosting and flare, super-fast auto-focus, moisture, oil, and dirt-resistance, and more. Plus, they’re so compact and lightweight that you can take them with you anywhere!

Find your perfect fixed focal length camera lens at Tamron today!