Corporate Mission

Tamron creates emotion and reassurance through its mastery of light, contributing to the realization of a fulfilling society.

Corporate Vision

Carving out the future with light

We pursue optical technologies, aiming for a fulfilling society that offers joy,
emotion and reassurance.
We expand the possibilities of light by addressing many of society's issues
for the future providing value around the world.

Our Approach

We genuinely approach all situations fairly and equitably through careful examination of the actual location, subject and circumstances.
We are open-minded, unconstrained by conventional wisdom, and embrace infinite possibilities.
We create value, addressing many of society's issues through teamwork.

Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Founding Spirit

With its firm commitment to developing high-quality, innovative and technologically advanced products that satisfy customer needs, Tamron is securing a leading position in the worldwide optical industry. Our primary objective is to sustain strong corporate growth based on a high level of customer satisfaction achieved by providing superior products at the right price, thus also contributing to the prosperity of our shareholders and employees.

Brand slogan / Statement

Focus on the Future

Tamron is focused on the future.
We are committed as an optical specialist to create new value and direction in optics with our long-accumulated optical technologies and address many social issues in the future.
Tamron delivers emotion and reassurance around the world toward a more fulfilling society.
We will never stop rising to new challenges.

Brand Movie

Enjoy our 70-second story that speaks our thoughts on a new future after 70 years of history.