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Tamron EDU Frequently Asked Questions

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Regarding the Tamron EDU Educational Purchase Program:

The Tamron EDU Educational Purchase Program (EPP) is an ongoing savings program for individuals in the academic field. Use this section to help answer many of your FAQ. For other requests or inquiries, please reach out! Contact Kristine at student.educator@tamron.com; a Tamron Technical Representative and our School Market Liaison.

     1) WHO QUALIFIES for the discount?

05/2020 UPDATE: We’ve expanded our network! ALL accredited university and college level schools qualify for the Tamron EDU program. ALL Majors and Minors qualify. You no longer need to check if your school is on our qualified list.

Faculty and Staff employed by an accredited college, university or school district. Undergraduate & graduate students enrolled in an accredited college or university are eligible for this Educational Purchase Program. Please note: This program is only for students / staff / faculty for purchases within the USA. Rebates can only be sent within the USA.

     2) Who Does NOT Qualify for the discount?

Students at the Elementary, Middle and High School level do not qualify. Students in trade schools do not qualify. PPA schools and workshops (e.g., Santa Fe, Maine, etc.) do not qualify. If you feel your school should qualify, contact student.educator@tamron.com to discuss consideration.

     3) How does the EPP work?

The EPP refers to a set, discounted price of Tamron lenses. There are three distinct types of purchases that will fall under the educational purchase program.

     a) A student, faculty or staff member (as an individual) who qualifies for this EPP will buy their Tamron lens at any of Tamron’s authorized dealers nationwide*. They will then print out the current EPP form, follow its instructions; mail the form with the required items to Tamron Americas headquarters for reimbursement. Tamron verifies your rebate request and a rebate check will be sent to you. Processing may take 2-4 weeks.

     b) A student, faculty or staff member (as an individual) who qualifies for this EPP will buy their Tamron lens at a preregistered EDU dealer website (such as B&H Edu Advantage or AdoramaEDU online). Since these websites pre-verify your academic status, you receive the discount up front. No mail-in rebate is required.

     c) A school district, university or department wants to buy Tamron lenses with a Purchase Order (PO). These purchases are bid out from any of our authorized Tamron dealers*. You can also reach out to Kristine at student.educator@tamron.com for order assistance. Lenses will be quoted to the current EPP discounted price, no mail-in rebate is required.

     *to find a list of our Authorized Tamron dealers, visit: https://www2.tamron-usa.com/dealers.aspx

     4) Can I buy my Tamron lens on sale?

Yes. Tamron often has national instant rebate incentives on their lenses. The educational rebate amount may adjust with current National Instant Rebate Incentives in effect on the specified product at the time of purchase. This rebate form will reimburse your purchase to the set Educational Purchase Price for your lens. If your purchase is lower than this EPP price, no rebate is needed. Special Tamron Event mail-in bonus rebates at tradeshows and certain dealer events do combine. Regular National Mail-in Rebate programs do not combine.

Regarding Tamron EDU educational events:

The Tamron EDU Focus Workshop series are typically hands-on opportunities brought to college and university students nationwide. We offer lectures on Lenses101 and guest lectures from our sponsored Tamron Image Masters or Ambassadors. Virtual or in person options are available. Tamron EDU also has hands-on lens demos where students can check out lenses while we are on campus (or) set up a longer loaner period for your school!

To receive more information and schedule your school visit, reach out to Kristine at student.educator@tamron.com

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