Tamron’s series of eBooks present tips and commentary accompanied by beautiful photography designed to inspire and instruct. The featured author/photographers are each a member of Tamron’s exceptional tech team who visit dealers, schools, shows and camera clubs all year long to talk to beginners, serious amateurs and pros about photography and equipment selection. Download the 16+ page eBooks and enjoy!


2017 eBook


Capturing the Celebration: Jillian Bell captures fireworks with a few different Tamron lenses.



2015-2016 eBooks


Photography with Prime Lenses: André Costantini puts Tamron's two new SP prime lenses to the test to showcase his signature journalistic style.



2015 eBooks


Road Trip Photos by Ken Hubbard


Sports Photography Photos by Jillian Bell


Seattle In A Day Photos by Patrick Nagle

Using Filters Photos by Jeff Allen


In and Around Your Neighborhood Photos by Armando Flores


2013 eBooks


Close Up Photos by Jillian Bell

Nighttime Photos by Jeff Allen


Sunrise/Sunset Photos by Rob Moody

Travel & Landscape Photos by Ken Hubbard


Natural Light Portrait Photos by Andre Costantini

Studio Portrait Photos by John Van Steenberg