Expanded Tamron repair technician and customer service staff at Tamron USA's Long Island Headquarters makes the dream a reality

  2. Tamron SP 35mm model F012

    August 9, 2013, Commack, New York -Tamron USA announced that the company now offers 3-business day repair service turnaround for photographic lenses. This achievement works to alleviate customer concerns that when they send in a product for repair service, they may be left without that product for some time. Now, all lenses received in our system by noon EST are estimated the same day and moved onto the next stage. Lenses under warranty (Tamron USA offers a 6-year limited warranty on its photographic lenses) are repaired and shipped back to the customer within three business days. Out of warranty lenses are repaired and shipped back within three business days of the customer's approval of the repair estimate.

    "We are thrilled here at Tamron USA to supply our customers with a 3-business day turnaround time," stated Pat Simonetti, Director Technical & Customer Service/Distribution. "With the support of our parent company, we were able to take the necessary action to build upon our staff and make this dream a reality. This accomplishment was and continues to be a real team endeavor. I truly appreciate the efforts from all of those involved in this project," said Simonetti.


    The Background
    Customers may anguish about sending a lens in for repair, expecting that they could be without their favorite or workhorse lens for some time. Tamron Co., Ltd. recognized this and challenged its subsidiaries to reach a standard 3-business day turnaround service to make customers feel more confident that, in the unlikely event their lens requires service, they would not be long without it. "By speeding up the repair turnaround time, we can alleviate our customers' anxiety about repairs and thereby increase their satisfaction of and confidence in Tamron products," stated Tak Inoue, President and CEO of Tamron USA. Tamron USA took dramatic steps over the past year to increase the number of repair technicians that work on photographic lenses as well as customer service staff. Internal systems were changed to accommodate the inspection of lenses received by noon of each day and route the lenses to the proper technician for expert repair. Repaired lenses are then given top priority in the distribution center to ensure the product is on its way back to the customer within the established guidelines.


    About Tamron
    Tamron is a leading manufacturer of professional and consumer photographic lenses. Among its many optical and mechanical innovations since the founding of the company in 1950, Tamron's development of mass-produced hybrid Aspherical elements paved the way for today’s compact high power All-In-One™ lenses when, in 1992, this technology was incorporated into the ground-breaking 28-200mm. Tamron continues to lead in this category of lenses with the 18-270mm Di II VC PZD — the world's smallest and lightest 15X All-In-One™ zoom lens featuring Tamron's proprietary VC (Vibration Compensation) system for blur-free hand-held shooting of photos in low light and at telephoto settings and PZD (Piezo Drive) autofocus system for fast and quiet autofocus operation. Tamron's recent SP (Super performance) lens introductions have received accolades and high press by leading photographic magazines and websites for their outstanding best-in-class performance. Tamron has garnered international acclaim for its extensive line-up of professional and consumer lenses.



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