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Lenses for Landscape Photography

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When photographing vast mountain ranges or wide-open plains, you want a lens that can capture your subject’s breathtaking vastness in stunning quality and sharpness. Having a reliable lens is paramount when you’ve spent hours or days trekking out to a shooting location.

Wide-angle lenses are often the go-to for landscape photographers. There are exceptions to the rule, however, and sometimes a telephoto zoom lens is the best choice to capture the beauty of a mountain peak at sunrise, isolate a section of a mountainside, or portray the immensity of a glacier.

Tamron 11-20mm F2.8

Tamron 11-20mm (model B060)

Tamron’s 11-20mm F2.8 provides ultra-wide-angle shooting for Sony E and FUJIFILM X APS-C mirrorless cameras. With a fast aperture and outstanding performance, the 11-20mm F2.8 is an easy choice for new and seasoned photographers.

Tamron 17-28mm F2.8

Tamron 17-28 (model A046)

If you need to balance portability and performance, Tamron’s 17-28mm F2.8 for Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras is the perfect choice. It’s the smallest and lightest ultra wide-angle zoom in its class and blends the quality you expect from Tamron lenses with the ability to go and photography anywhere.

© Martin Krolop
© Martin Krolop
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Tamron 17-50mm F4

Tamron 17-50mm (model A068)

When you want a little more reach on the tele side of your zoom, the Tamron 17-50mm F4 for full-frame Sony E-mount cameras is a perfect choice. Zoom from ultra wide-angle to standard for a variety of perspectives from one location. Its compactness and light weight make it a great choice for adventure photography.

© Ken Hubbard
© Ken Hubbard
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Tamron 24mm F2.8

Tamron 24mm (model F051)

Transcend the barriers of everyday wide-angle lenses with Tamron’s 24mm F2.8. Boasting the quality of a prime lens with remarkable 1:2 close-up abilities, the 24mm F2.8 is one of Tamron’s most flexible lenses. Compact, lightweight, and easy to carry; this lens is a true do-it-all wide-angle prime!

© Andre Costantini
© André Costantini
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Tamron 28-200mm F2.8-5.6

Tamron 28-200mm (model A071)

For unparalleled versatility look no further than Tamron’s 28-200 F2.8-5.6. With a maximum aperture of F2.8 at 28mm, it’s a world first for all-in-one zoom lenses for Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras. Its wide to tele zoom range is perfect for capturing the overall scene and then zooming in to isolate a portion of the scene. If you need a one-lens-fits-all for your Sony full-frame E-mount camera, the Tamron 28-200mm F2.8-5.6 is the clear choice!

© Billion Lim
© Billion Lim
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Your lens choice changes your image dramatically. Tamron offers lenses across a wide range of focal lengths meaning that no matter your subject, no matter the location, a Tamron lens will be able to help you capture your vision!

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