Industrial Optics Warranty Repair Policy


January 1, 2023

2 year limited warranty coverage to repair or replace is determined by Tamron. Warranty for replacement of out of the box failure is limited to 30 days.

Repair service shall be handled as out of warranty when damage is caused by mishandling, misuse, or abuse. This includes sand, liquid, impact and tampering damage. Fungus damage caused by keeping the products in high humidity shall not be covered under warranty.

Repair Charges (parts and labor inclusive) are applicable for repairs handled by Tamron and our authorized dealers.

An estimate is first sent to the customer/authorized dealer and repair job shall be initiated only when the approval is given in writing (a signature on the estimate stub). Such approval can be sent to Tamron and/or authorized repair service stations by mail and/or by fax.

Sales/Use tax shall be added for repairs sent directly to Tamron's repair facility by end-users where applicable.

Shipment of merchandise for repair to Tamron's repair facility shall be made freight prepaid by the customer, regardless of the nature of the repair.

Shipment of merchandise after repair by Tamron's repair facility shall be made freight prepaid by Tamron via ground service. This applies only to return shipments in the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. However, freight charges based on weight will be added to the bill when special arrangement (such as overnight or two-day priority) is made at the request of the customer. Any return shipments made outside of our jurisdiction (international shipments) will be the customer's responsibility and included on your repair estimate. This includes any UPS or FEDEX estimated duties and taxes and may be subject to change. Once the delivery has shipped from our New York warehouse, Tamron USA, Inc. will not be responsible for any further fees and/or charges.

Declined repairs will incur a $20 return shipping fee. We will return your unrepaired equipment via UPS ground.

Rates/estimates can only be determined after the equipment is received and evaluated by Tamron and/or Tamron's Authorized Service Centers. If you wish to receive information on how to receive an estimate, please contact the service department at 1-800-827-8880.


Minor Repair: A Minor repair includes Checking, cleaning, lubricating, adjusting and calibrating of minor assemblies only. There may be additional charges for replacement parts.

Major Repair: A Major Repair includes Checking, cleaning, lubricating, adjusting and calibrating of all minor and major assemblies. Major repairs may vary depending on the difficulty of repair and replacement parts needed.

Beyond Economical Repair: Unit will be returned un-repaired due to the repair price exceeding the price of the item.

Extent of Repair:
Minor dents, scratches, etc. will not be fixed so far as they do not affect performance of the product. Replacement of such parts shall incur additional cost and will be quoted separately.
Sand, impact, liquid and tampering by an unauthorized party:
Any sand, impact, liquid and tampering by an unauthorized party may be quoted for parts and labor regardless of the classification.
Warranty after repair:
90 Days Parts and Labor.
Consequential damage:
The warranties herein are expressly in lieu of all other express warranties and of any other obligation on the part of the manufacturer including any liability for consequential damages for the breach of any warranty whether express or implied. No warranties, whether express or implied, including the warranties or merchantability or fitness for a particular purposes, are made by any distributor or dealer of the products herein warranted nor shall such dealer or distributor be liable for the payment of any direct or consequential damages.