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Visiting England after a nine-year absence
For this trip, I chose a country that had eliminated COVID-19 restrictions ahead of the rest of the world.

Almost all of the once ubiquitous red public telephone boxes in London are gone and the rounded taxis have been replaced with electric vehicles. A forest of unique buildings featuring curved designs has popped up, all of the restaurants offer vegan menu items, and there are more restaurants whose entire menus comprise vegan dishes. This gave me a sense of being in the near future.

The lens I took with me on this trip was the TAMRON 20-40mm F/2.8 Di III VXD (Model A062). The fact that TAMRON managed to design an F2.8 zoom this compact also gives me near-future vibes.

The 20-40mm angle of view makes it easy to control how the subject and background fit together in subtle and exquisite ways, and it gave me the impression that it would be useful both for selfies to put on social media, as well as for shooting others.

I was equally impressed by the image quality. In particular, I would venture that only TAMRON is capable of combining highly resolving strength that extends to the edges of the frame with this compact size.

I found a new sense of enjoyment in enlarging a portion of my shots up to life size and looking at the details with interest.

Making a zoom lens compact gives greater freedom to your travel and leads to many encounters with landscapes and people.

I took these pictures in the hope that when I look back at them in the future, I will be able to experience it as if I was taking another trip to London.