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A Compact Wide-Angle Lens for a Great Impact

As a landscape, reportage and street photographer, light equipment is very important for me. On the street, I want to be able to move quickly without attracting attention. For some time now, I prefer to take pictures with mirrorless full-frame cameras because they are smaller and more compact. They appear less threatening and I am not immediately perceived as a professional photographer, which in many situations makes it easier to obtain authentic images.

The new 24mm F/2.8 is ideal for this style of photography. Its big advantage is its light and compactness combined with the high image quality. In fact, the engineers managed to make it so compact that I can stow it well even in a jacket pocket and no longer need to rely on a backpack. With this lens I can work light-hearted and swiftly in every way.

Another key benefit of this fixed focal lens is the excellent image quality. Regarding resolution and sharpness, the 24mm F/2.8 meets all my demands as a professional landscape and travel photographer. Even when working with a wide-open aperture, the pictures are exceptionally sharp and more detailed than with a zoom lens. The optical performance of the 24mm F/2.8 is really impressive. The large aperture enables wide-angle shots with a nice blur in the background and well exposed subjects full of details. This effect is particularly strong if, like me, you enjoy taking pictures up close. In this respect the 24mm opens up a whole range of exciting possibilities, as the Minimum Object Distance allows me to really get up close to the subject.

I like to take pictures with fixed focal lenses because they force me to concentrate on a particular angle of view, which has a very positive effect on the resulting images. When using the 24mm F/2.8 on the camera, my gaze adapts, and my eyes basically start to see the surroundings with the same focal length. My interaction with the subject becomes more intense. Also, I can work faster, more effectively and more consciously.

This street shot is a typical example of this. I made it while walking along the famous Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. I spotted the cleaner in the pool, and at the same time the fog was pouring out of the art installation at La Salve Bridge. I hurried to catch up with the two people in front of me and took a series of pictures to catch just the right moment.

Depending on the situation, I often shoot with zoom lenses as well. I like Tamron's concept of equipping all lenses for mirrorless full-frame cameras with the same filter size. Since all models have a filter diameter of 67mm, a single filter set is sufficient. This also ensures less weight and more space in the photo bag when I'm on the go with all the equipment.