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Impression of Tamron 35mm F/2.8 Di III OSD M1:2 (Model F053)

People often consign the 35mm focal length to ‘ideal for street photography’ and that’s where they leave it. It is understandable why this angle of view has become so popular in this genre as it is indeed an excellent viewpoint with which to capture the stories you encounter while in the street. Not only can you capture your subject dynamically, it also allows you to bring the foreground and background elements into your image to tell a more complete story of what you have seen. This is particularly useful in travel photography where the goal is to try and make the viewer feel that they are alongside you as you shoot.

When it comes to street photography many peoples first choice is the 35mm focal length, but this range has so many more uses than just street or travel photography. Because of the Tamron 35mm F/2.8 Di III OSD M1:2 (Model F053) light weight and small size it really becomes a fabulous general-purpose lens to have on your camera always. Whether I am having an afternoon out with my daughters and capturing some playful portraits or just wandering through the streets of my city, this lens has found a near permanent role on my camera when I am shooting casually.

The new Model F053 is indeed far more than just a street photographers’ ideal choice. With its 0.15m MOD (Minimum Object Distance), unprecedented in this category, this lens opens a whole new world of photographic options that can even make a walk in your garden an adventure. There is something special about getting so close to your subjects. All of a sudden, your backyard becomes a jungle to explore with towering plants, flying insects, spiders and all manner of interesting things for you to capture. If your backyard is this interesting, imagine how much fun you’ll have with this lens when you explore the rest of the world!

In the modern world of digital photography, we have grown accustomed to shooting our images with zoom lenses. A wonderful way to expand on your photographic vision is to change the way you have to shoot. There is nothing better than a fixed focal length to really change up not only how you shoot but also how you see the world.

All of a sudden YOU are the zoom, you need to walk in, or step back, to frame your images, this in turn makes you slow down, look closer at what you are shooting and consequently end up capturing more interesting and thoughtful images.

Being forced to think about where you place the elements in your frame, where you stand and what it is you are trying to capture really strengthens your photographic skills and the Model F053 is the perfect way to start improving your photography.

I’ve always believed that you are never far away from capturing a great image, you just need to find the right angle, light and perspective. The Model F053, with its ultra-close focus capabilities, it’s incredible sharpness and its small size and light weight, will have you one step closer to your next great image.