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For jaw-dropping detail that appears to be shot at such a close range, that feels within reach, there's simply no substitution for a macro lens, and Tamron is, perhaps, the best-known macro camera lens manufacturer in the world. Photographers with an eye for spotting the natural beauty in the world know that a macro lens is an invaluable tool that allows them to capture the finite details which may otherwise go unnoticed.

With a history of crafting macro lenses of unparalleled quality, Tamron upheld our legacy of excellence when we released the SP 90mm F/2.8 Model F017. Photographers who prefer DSLR Lenses will find it easy to integrate the F017 into their lineup, though this exceptional product can also function as a mirrorless lens for Canon cameras with a manufacturer adapter. With new XY-shift compensation and updated USD control software, this 90mm lens produces incredibly stable, perfectly framed, and brilliant images with every shot. What's more, by combining two types of nano-coating (BBAR and eBand), we have minimized any risk of flare, ghosting, or reflection in images captured by the Model F017, even in harsh sunlight. Though the resolution performance of this lens is unmatched, it still features a highly sought-after bokeh appeal that adds artistic elegance to every shot. Best of all, the moisture-proof and dust-resistant construction of this lens gives photographers the freedom to explore the world in pursuit of the perfect shot without having to worry that the natural elements will damage their equipment.

Another of Tamron's DSLR close-up lenses is the Model B028, which offers a shooting range of 18-400mm and a level of unprecedented freedom. Though the Model B028 provides close-up focusing, it obviously allows for an incredibly broad spectrum of focal lengths, making it perfect for photographers who want a lens that can truly do it all. The Model B028 provides the world's first 22.2x zoom for interchangeable lenses for DSLR cameras with 1:2.9 macro reproduction to boot, so although this lens is capable of shooting from a distance, its macro abilities are certainly impressive. With enhanced vibration compensation and telemacro capabilities, there is virtually nothing that the Model B028 cannot achieve.

A high-quality macro lens is something every photographer should keep in their bag, and Tamron is undeniably a producer of top-tier macro lenses. When it comes time to buy new Tamron lenses, purchasing from authorized Tamron dealers is the only way to ensure quality-find an authorized Tamron dealer today.

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