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  Vari-Focal: 1/3"
Vari-Focal: 1/2"
IR (Infrared), Vari-Focal: 1/2"
IR (Infrared), Vari-Focal: 1/3"
IR (Infrared), Mono-Focal: 1/3"
Motorized Zooms: 1/3"
Motorized Zooms: 1/2"
Factory Automation: 2/3" High Resolution Mono-Focal
Factory Automation: 2/3" High Resolution Mono-Focal for 1.3 Mega Pixel Cameras
Factory Automation: 2/3" Super High Resolution Mono-Focal
Vari-Focal: 1/2" Flat-Field Mega-Pixel Compatible
Factory Automation: 1/1.8" Megapixel Mono-Focal
Vari-focal: 1/3" Flat-Field Mega-Pixel Compatible